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Dinghy SailingDinghy Sailing is an active sub-section of the Cambridge University Cruising Club (CUCrC) team racing section. It provides fleet racing for more experienced sailors, plus RYA and informal training for complete beginners or relative novices looking to improve. The Sub-Section works very closely with, and shares the boats of, the Team Racing Section. We also hire boats such as Fevas from Grafham Water SC (our home base), as needed.
The Sub-Section aims to make dinghy sailing sailing accessible to everyone at Cambridge for only £50 a year. The good news is that there are no further charges for boat hire or upkeep, and there is no per-trip fee (aside from around £5 petrol money)! Furthermore, your CUCrC membership also allows you to go on Windsurfing trips!

All of this amounts to value for money that is ridiculously good in comparison to sailing opportunities anywhere else. Go to the Club's membership management website (opens in a new window) to join or sign up for a Taster Session on the first Saturday or Sunday of the Michaelmas Term. Alternatively, use this online form (opens in a new window) to register your interest in the Club's activities.

If you missed us at the Oct 2016 Freshers Fair or you are coming up in Oct 2017 use this online form
(opens in a new window) to register your interest.

The Sub-Section provides wetsuits and buoyancy aids, and you are welcome to bring your own gear if you prefer. The following lists should give you an idea of what to bring:
  • Teeshirt/rash vest to wear under wetsuit
  • Shoes/trainers that can get wet
  • Windproof

In winter and colder conditions also bring:
  • Fleece(s) - definitely needed Oct-Mar
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • etc.

If in doubt, bring too much stuff!

Cuppers briefing
Victorious Robinson receives the Yule Oldham Cup